Who We Are

Immanuel is an incredible church settled in the heart of Bradley County Arkansas. We are a collection of imperfect people who strive to worship a Perfect God.  

God With US…

We are real people living real lives wholly devoted to the love of our Creator. 

God In Us…

We believe that the Creator of the Universe desires a deeply personal relationship with each of us, and once we have accepted His Gift of Salvation, that His spirit dwells within each believer.

God Through Us… 

We serve a good and perfect God. Our desire is to Love with an Unconditional Love, Serve with a Selfless Attitude, and Give with a Cheerful Heart

What we believe

God / Jesus / Holy Spirit

We believe in God the Father, Jesus his Son, and the Holy Spirit as the Perfect 3 in 1 Trinity God. We believe that God the Father dwells in Heaven, that Jesus his Son came to live a perfect sinless life on earth. That He was crucified for the sin of the world and raised to life 3 days later, and lives eternally in Heaven, and will return to earth again one day. And we believe in the Holy Spirit, promised to us by Jesus, that lives in the hearts of all believers, teaching them how to live and love in Him.


We believe that because of Jesus' death on a cross, that the penalty of sin and death has been paid. And because of his sacrifice we have been given the gift of salvation, and through repentance and believing in Jesus, we receive that gift and place our hope and faith in him, and are saved.

Greatest Commandment

Jesus said that we are to Love God, and Love Others as ourselves. Our desire as a church and as individuals is to fully Love God with all of our Heart, Mind, Soul, and Strength, and to Love Others with the love of Christ as we serve them.

To see our full Statement of Faith, please click here.